Dare to be Courageous?

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It can be scary to push yourself out of your comfort zone but, allowing yourself to lean into potentially challenging positions often brings personal growth and accomplishment. I recently watched a viral video of a woman dancing wildly in her bathroom, first thing in the morning, as a method to get herself alert and ready for the day. Why? Because tiny humans depend on her.

The above scenario really resonates with me; it takes myself a whole lot of courage to wake up in the morning, hop out of bed, and face reality. While I gazed at the woman bopping around, I thought to myself, “Wow! Look how courageous and brave she is to first, dance carefree like that, and then share it with the world. Perhaps she decided to step out of her comfort zone for the sake of her children and own mental health.”

Dares and Dilemmas

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, I often find myself competing against external factors that compromise my ability to take risks and endure uncomfortableness, which in theory could lead to huge reward and success. For example, do I join a volleyball league and risk re-injuring myself and lack the ability to care for my children in the way that I normally would? Do I rise at 5 a.m. to complete a professional online course and feel fatigued for the rest of the day, impacting my capacity to nurture new relationships? The reality is that I will never know the outcome in either situation until I try. Furthermore, I want my kids to always be fearless in chasing their ambitions and grow up witnessing me, their mother, as the best version of myself during countless moments in their lives.

Here are a few big and small feats that spook me, but that I encourage myself to do every day:

Dare to climb the mountain?

Are you interested in a particular career but are scared to pursue it because of the “long” journey? Did you have a chance to hike a natural landmark but refused because you lack confidence in your physical ability? Take the leap! I can guarantee the best view and feeling comes after the toughest climb, when you’ve reached the top. You can do this!

Dare to shatter the glass ceiling?

Have you been offered a promotion to upper management and are scared to accept because of your gender? Steamroll ahead and shatter that glass ceiling! We believe in you and your skills.

Dare to speak up?

Be the voices for the unheard but always remember to speak up for yourself. Your own respect and dignity matter the most.

Dare to follow your heart?

Take note from the animated movie, Elemental, released by Disney/Pixar earlier this year. The film’s main character is torn between taking over her father’s shop and pursuing her own dreams which ultimately challenges the society’s norms. Let’s just say her head put up a good fight! 

Dare to fly?

Do you feel trapped? You were born to fly so break out of that cage and spread your wings. Pick up a hobby or try a new activity or go on a date with someone not your “type”. The world is your oyster.

So, do you dare? Challenge yourself to complete at least three of the above items by Halloween. Let us know in the comments how you did!

Written by Regina Ashna Singh, a resident blogger with Jewmei.com.

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