The definition of Jewmei

Jew – first three letters in the
word jewelry.

mei – the first letter taken from each of the following words: motivate, encourage, inspire.

Pronounced as “JOO-MAY”

Meet’s Founder, Writer and Designer –
Lorraine Darcheville

Lorraine Darcheville is the Founder, Writer and Designer behind As a certified Life Coach and Human
Resources professional, Lorraine has always been passionate about helping
others overcome life’s challenges through positive reinforcement.

In 2011, Lorraine stumbled
upon Toastmasters, a community that really sparked her passion for encouraging
and inspiring others. Toastmasters is an international not-for-profit educational organization that helps people build self-confidence as well as
their public speaking skills. This community thrives on positive feedback and supporting others. During her tenure at Toastmasters, Lorraine expanded her love for writing motivational and inspirational speeches. She specifically
enjoyed watching the transformation of those who started and completed the
program. Her experience taught her three key takeaways:

We are more powerful and capable than we give ourselves credit for.

The right words have the power to motivate, encourage and inspire us.

People thrive when they are supported and encouraged.

During the thick of the COVID outbreak, Lorraine decided to fully embrace her artistic
side and started creating jewelry. The woes brought on by the global pandemic
made her realize it was time to turn her passion into her mission. Hence, was born – she coined jewelry as the vessel by which humans show love and care to other humans at a time when they desire it the most.

To top it off, Lorraine merged her zest for motivational speech writing with her production of symbolic jewelry, by including a personally written keepsake card with each piece. She composes every single message herself, as well as any words/mantras inscribed on items, for all products released on Lorraine’s love of writing and desire to support others always shines through
every word and will continue to do so in future collections.


We believe that people thrive when they feel loved and supported.

We believe that getting words of praise is a powerful motivator.

We believe that jewelry can be more than a fashion statement and have a dual purpose. Our jewelry is stylish while also serving as a visible reminder
(something that you can quickly tap into) that provides instant upliftment, encouragement, and inspiration; especially when it is needed the most.

We believe that when our memory fades, symbolic jewelry can serve as a reminder.

We believe that everyday moments are reason enough to celebrate or recognize with
a memento.


People who are thriving are more likely to positively influence their own lives and
the lives of those around them. Our mission is to help people thrive on a continuous basis. We do this by pairing symbolic jewelry with meaningful words,
designed to motivate, encourage and inspire them throughout their life’s