What's with the name?

Jew – first three letters in the word jewelry. mei – the first letters taken from each of the following words: motivate, encourage, inspire. Pronounced as “JOO-MAY”

What we Believe

At Jewmei, we believe in the power of encouragement, empowerment, and meaningful connections. Our journey is rooted in a simple yet profound belief: that within each person lies incredible potential, awaiting the right support and motivation to bloom.

The Inspiration

The roots of Jewmei run deep in personal experiences and family influences. Raised in a household filled with encouragement and faith, our founder, Lorraine, witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of uplifting words. Inspired by her mother's entrepreneurial spirit, unwavering faith in God and creative flare, Lorraine inherited a passion for empowering others. Driven by a desire to make a difference, Lorraine embarked on a journey in human resources and life coaching. But it was during her university years, amidst the trials and triumphs, that the true power of support and encouragement revealed itself. In the face of challenges, she found solace in the embrace of a supportive community, igniting a spark within her to create a sanctuary where women could uplift and inspire one another.

Brand Purpose & Mission

Our sole purpose is to help women thrive. We achieve this by delivering inspiration and empowerment through symbolic jewelry paired with heartfelt messages, creating tangible reminders of strength, resilience, and self-belief. But it’s more than just jewelry – it's about fostering a community where every woman feels supported, empowered, and valued. When you purchase a piece of Jewmei jewelry for yourself or someone special, you're not just purchasing a beautiful accessory; you're investing in empowerment and solidarity. You're sending a message of encouragement and support that lasts far beyond the jewelry itself.


The Jewmei Difference

At Jewmei, our unwavering commitment to empowerment sets us apart. While many other jewelry brands focus solely on aesthetics, we delve deeper, infusing our designs with messages of inspiration and encouragement. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted and paired with a keepsake message that resonates with the essence of the jewelry. We recognize the unique journey of every woman, and our jewelry reflects this diversity, offering personalized support for every stage of life. We understand that memories of spoken words may fade, but our symbolic jewelry serves as a timeless reminder, to help you recognize and celebrate the everyday moments.  

Meet Jewmei's Founder, Writer & Designer - Lorraine

Pictured here is Lorraine with her son Aiden; who happens to be the light of her world. Lorraine composes every single keepsake message, as well as any words/mantras inscribed on items, for all products released on Jewmei.com. The messages are written about finding purpose, living authentically, faith, perseverance, healing, friendships, love and empowerment. She hopes that her love of writing and desire to support others will always shine through every word.