Give a Self-Care Box this Holiday

Image of a self-care box from Jewmei Jewelry shop based in Canada, the perfect gift for her

Gift giving at Christmas time is part of the cultural experience for many. With all of the atrocities happening across the globe lately, physical and mental health is more important than ever. More specifically, a renewed focus on self-care. So, this year, why not spread the holiday cheer or Jesus’ love by gifting your family and friends a self-care box?

What is a self-care box?

A self-care box is a container that includes items that can be used as part of one’s self-care routine and, provides positive physical and mental health benefits.

Why give a self-care box this holiday?

  • It can be customized based on the person you have in mind
  • It can be an economical way of gift giving as you work within your budget
  • Self-care boxes are very thoughtful and can be really rewarding for both the gift giver and gift receiver.
  • Provides a creative opportunity for DIY lovers. For example, you could make some of the self-care items yourself like a candle or bath bomb.

How to make a self-care box?

When putting together a self-care box, the items should be practical as well as useful for the person who will be receiving it; all while staying within your specific price range. Once you set a budget, make a list of items based on what you think the person needs and enjoys.

Here is a sample list of 30 ideas you can choose from to create a self-care box:

  1. Warm socks (depending on where you live)
  2. Reading book
  3. Journal and pen
  4. Nail polish and nail file
  5. Scented candle
  6. Bath bombs, bubble bath or bath salts
  7. Music playlist
  8. Jewmei’s meaningful jewelry
  9. House plant
  10. Bottle of wine and/or wine glass
  11. Wine glass
  12. Tea
  13. Box of chocolate or candy
  14. Fuzzy slippers
  15. Photo or photo album of precious memories
  16. Yoga mat
  17. Water bottle
  18. Diffuser
  19. Luxurious soap
  20. Body wash
  21. Face mask
  22. Massage oil
  23. Face oil
  24. Body butter
  25. Adult coloring book
  26. Spa headband
  27. Razor
  28. Eyebrow tweezer
  29. Daily affirmation cards
  30. Inspirational mug

Sample self-care box for a $30 budget (basket and cellophane not included):

  • Gratitude journal and pen
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Adult colouring book
  • Nail polish and nail file
  • Mango butter (DIY)
  • Soy candle with essential oil
  • Basket

If you have any other ideas of items to include in a self-care box, please share in the comments section below!

Written by Lorraine D., creator of

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