The Sun Will Rise Again

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In Canada, November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. According to the Government of Ontario, “Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour used by one person to gain power and control over another person with whom they have or previously had an intimate relationship. …Seven out of ten people who experience domestic violence are women or girls.”

Here at, we are doing our part to shed light on domestic violence by sharing this information and resources (scroll down) for women, in particular, who have suffered or are suffering from abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional/verbal, spiritual and financial.

At the same time, we believe it is also important to spread words of support and encouragement that promote positivity, resilience, perseverance, strength, and faith during unruly times.

Here are nine messages of positivity personally written by’s founder, Lorraine Darcheville, that you can share with someone who needs to hear it - the words are poised to boost morale:

Strength is hope.

"She may be scarred but can choose to be healed. She may feel broken but can choose to be mended. She may be hurt but can choose to forgive. She may feel scared but can choose to be brave. She may feel unloved but can choose to love. Just as the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire she too will be forged and strengthened out of her pain. She is strong."

Be anchored.

"Sometimes in life, you'll find yourself in the middle of an unexpected storm. In these moments it may seem that everything is sinking and there's no way to get through the storm. Know that God is bigger than any storm that you'll ever face. He is the only one who can keep you grounded. Be anchored in him."


“The cactus is the epitome of perseverance. Its ability to thrive under the harshest conditions is a reminder that life's challenges can be overcome with unwavering determination and strength. Like the cactus, we go through moments of drought and adversity in our lives, but it’s during these moments we discover the incredible power within us to adapt and flourish. Just like the cactus flourishes under the toughest conditions, you too can flourish with unwavering resilience and unbreakable perseverance.”

Have courage.

“Courage does not mean the absence of fear. It means choosing to move forward despite the fear. May you embrace the spirit of the lioness and conquer your fears. Be fierce, be fearless, be courageous, be bold. Once you believe in yourself, there is nothing that you cannot overcome.”

You are resilient.

“I got this. I am resilient. I was built for this.  I can do hard things. Just start. I owe it to myself. One step at a time. Progress over excuses. Do it now. I rest and get back up.  I persevere. Mind over matter. To win I must begin. Unshakable focus.”

Love yourself.

“I am enough. I am worthy. I am deserving. I am grateful. I am perfectly imperfect. I choose to be happy.  I embrace all of me. I give myself grace. I am phenomenal. I have value to add. I will show up for myself as myself. I am resilient.”

Stay focused.

She understands the assignment. She listens to her inner spirit for guidance. She is so focused on her goals that she is unbothered by the chatter around her. She is in her own lane, in competition with no one but herself. She understands her strengths and accepts her flaws. If ever she were to get off course, she is focused enough to quickly re-adjust her sails. No matter what, she will remain focused.

New beginnings.

There is hope in new beginnings — an opportunity to write a new chapter. Sometimes getting to your new beginning means closing the door behind you; the door that brought the storms. Closing the door doesn’t mean you have blocked out the past; the past is what brought you here — embrace it. Closing the door means you have chosen peace and mustered the courage to welcome a new beginning. Your new beginning awaits.

The sun will rise again.

The sun will rise again for you – believe that. How you feel now is not how you will feel tomorrow. Allow yourself time to reflect, to gain a new perspective and to figure out your next step. Be kind to yourself during this time. Remember, light will always overcome darkness – you just have to be willing to let the sun in. Rest assured, that just as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, in time – you too shall rise again.

While positive messages have the ability to change our mindset, those experiencing domestic violence need much more than words.

How you can help

1. Share words of comfort – Comment on this blog post with a message of positivity and we will print it on keepsake cards to distribute among the women at two shelters in Canada this holiday season. 

2. Raise Awareness – Talk about domestic violence in your household, with your networks, on social media etc.

3. Educate yourself - Know the warning signs of abuse and what you can do to support victims of domestic violence

4. Donate Financial contributions and in-kind donations help Violence Against Women shelters add resources where they are most needed. To connect to a shelter in your province, click here.

Resources in Ontario

Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1-866-863-0511 | Hours: 24/7

Victim Support Line: 1-888-579-2888 | Hours: 24/7

Legal Aid Ontario: 1-800-668-8258

Sexual Assault Centre: Find a centre in your region here.

YWCA Women’s Shelter (Emergency Shelter from Violence): 416-693-7342 | Hours: 24/7

Click here for additional resources.

Click here for more information on domestic violence, how to help yourself and for warning signs of abuse. 

Written by Regina Ashna Singh, a resident blogger with

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