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  • Shatter the Glass Ceiling Necklace

    "Every woman in leadership should be gifted the Shatter the glass ceiling necklace" — Human Resources Executive

  • Speak Up Microphone Necklace

    Your voice and opinions matter. You have value to offer this world. Speaking up for what you believe is right is not always easy but often necessary. Find your voice and speak up. Your voice can change the world.

  • Be Like the Giraffe

    In a world where everyone is trying to be like everyone else, choose to be like the Giraffe - standing out from the crowd.

  • New Beginnings Ring

    There is hope in new beginnings — an opportunity to write a new chapter. Sometimes getting to your new beginning means closing the door behind. Closing the door means you have chosen peace and mustered the courage to welcome a new beginning. Your new beginning awaits.

  • Strength Necklace

    Just as the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire she too will be forged and strengthened out of her pain. She is strong.⠀

  • Worthy of this Crown Ring

    I want you to remember there’s nothing you could ever do or nothing anyone could ever say that could take away your crown. You are that queen, and you deserve nothing but the best.Claim your crown.

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